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Door-to-Door Collection

With Raddibazaar the collection and recycle of dry waste is a streamlined process. We ensure convenience by providing door-to-door pickup service at premeditated times as suggested by the client.

We collect dry waste from your premises at a scheduled time as per your convenience and in-turn help in recycling the waste to the maximum of its capacity. You can schedule your pick-up of waste by contacting our customer service team, our team will respond within 24 hours from the time you place your request. You can register a date with our collection executive for a collection date that can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. No reminder calls are needed for repeat collections.

Security shredding

Our waste paper management service provides secure shredding of your confidential paper to keep your mind at ease. Based on your preference, the shredding of paper can be done on-site or off-site.

Shredding will be done in your presence during the collection of the paper waste. Otherwise, you have the convenience of collecting the paper in secure bags for us to pick up. Rest assured, we’ll provide the bags as well as secure pickup by one of our trained personnel. In this case, our identified personnel will bring back the bags to our warehouse, where the shredding will take place. This process will be prompt and immediate to avoid hassle and breach.

Accurate weighing and receipt generation

We are equipped with electronic weighing scales for accurate weighing of your dry waste. After this process a receipt will be generated for your perusal.

During the collection process, we will weigh all your waste with our standardized electronic weighing machine, which we will bring to your premises. With a transparent system in place we avoid any manipulations that can happen through traditional weighing scales. An authentic receipt will be generated to keep a track on the dry waste collected.

Recycled stationery

In exchange for your waste, we offer recycled stationery of the same value. This is a way for you to ensure that your contribution of dry waste is being recycled and utilized effectively.

We offer recycled stationery in exchange for the dry waste you sell to us, of the same value. This can serve as an assurance that your waste is being utilized and recycled. You will also reap the benefits of reducing your stationery costs.

Accreditation Certificate

A certificate will be provided to you, which will throw light on your contribution of waste and how it helped us in protecting the environment.

A certificate will be given to you on a quarterly basis, which will include your contribution towards:

• Number of trees saved
• Amount of water saved
• Air pollution prevented
• Power saved
• Amount of paper diverted from landfill

Waste Recognition and Analysis

An analysis of the amount of dry waste given by you will be provided, which will categorize the different grades of waste to aid you in reducing your overall usage.

A quarterly report of the amount of waste given by you will be provided. This report will categorize the different types of dry waste, amount and content of dry waste given by you which will help you in minimizing your wastage.

Segregation of Paper Waste

Contamination of dry waste is the major cause for its non-recyclability thus they have to be disposed in separate waste bins that can be provided by us.

It is very important to dispose dry waste in separate catagorised waste bins. Dry Waste specifically paper once contaminated with other wastes cannot be recycled effectively. We provide waste recycling bins for proper disposal of dry waste, which will optimize its recyclability.

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