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We have a habit of taking everything easily accessible for granted. Be it paper, plastic, glass or food, we don’t think twice before discarding it recklessly. We wouldn’t continue this practice if we knew of the harm we were causing to the environment and ourselves.

Campaigns such as Swachh Bharat are incredible steps towards a cleaner, safer environment. Contributing to these even in the simplest ways will ensure that we leave a better tomorrow for our younger generations. The biggest problem arising today is the alarmingly low recovery rate of dry waste.

At Raddibazaar, we aim at solving this problem and providing waste material to appropriate waste convertors. We won’t just collect waste but also channelize it optimally. This will eliminate unnecessary importing and additional costs, while contributing to the environment by keeping it clean!

Our Services

Door-to-Door Collection

With Raddibazaar the collection and recycle of paper waste is a streamlined process. We ensure convenience by providing door-to-door pickup service at premeditated times as suggested by the client. Read More..

Security shredding

Our waste paper management service provides secure shredding of your confidential paper to keep your mind at ease. Based on your preference, the shredding of paper can be done on-site or off-site. Read More..

Accurate weighing and transparent pricing

We are equipped with electronic weighing scales for accurate weighing of your waste paper. After this process a receipt will be generated for your perusal. Read More..

Recycled stationery

In exchange for your waste paper, we offer recycled stationery of the same value. This is a way for you to ensure that your contribution of paper is being recycled and utilized effectively. Read More..

Accreditation Certificate

A certificate will be provided to you, which will throw light on your contribution of waste and how it helped us in protecting the environment. Read More..

Waste Recognition and Analysis

An analysis of the amount of paper given by you will be provided, which will categorize the different types of paper to aid you in reducing your paper usage. Read More..

Segregation of Dry Waste

Contamination of waste paper is the major cause for its non-recyclability thus they have to be disposed in separate waste bins that can be provided by us. Read More..


6800 Tons of waste recycled till date saved




liters of Water


kWh of Energy


cu.yrds of landfill


of air pollutants

Service Model

39,548 tons of dry waste is consumed every day in India. Only one third of it is recycled.

It is important for paper to be disposed separately in order to increase the recovery rate. Using bins exclusively for waste paper will help this cause.

Making it convenient, we offer door-to-door pick-up with a standardized weighing process and pricing.

Ensuring effective recycling through security shredding, sorting, and storage of paper.

Resourceful supply chain system in place to facilitate maximum recovery of waste paper.

Help manufacture eco-friendly products that help the environment.

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